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Sales Tools

To sell a product it is always necessary to allow the end client to view a sample, so they can touch the various products on offer and realise the tactile and chromatic characteristics of each support. This is entirely possible with the Sales Tools designed by SIR Visual and its Partners.

ItalyExtra services KIT of 15 Mini Rolls 3M Fasara

KIT containing 15 original pieces of FASARA™ film measuring 10 cm wide by 127 cm long. The kit contains the ...

from 28.00
ItalyExtra services 3M Window Tint Car

Colours book including original samples and data sheet of the entire 3M™ Car Glass Tinting range in 25x15 cm ...

from 18.00
ItalyExtra services STAHLS' CAD-CUT Colour Card
A4 format folder with the original finishes of the CAD-CUT Series : CAD-CUT SportFilm CAD-CUT Flock CAD-CUT ...
from 5.50