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CODE: 19078 Roll width 1220 mm

The images, colours and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the sample or the colours folder.

Price range for linear meters purchased (lm = linear meters)

between 0,00 lm and 0,50 lm
107.38 €/m² excluding VAT
between 1,00 lm and 5,50 lm
99.11 €/m² excluding VAT
between 6,00 lm and 11,50 lm
94.99 €/m² excluding VAT
between 12,00 lm and 24,50 lm
Temporarily not available
90.86 €/m² excluding VAT
between 25,00 lm and over*
Temporarily not available
82.60 €/m² excluding VAT

* Length of the original roll = 25 m, in case of order with greater lengths, additional lengths will be sent.

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    Extremely flexible self-adhesive laminates suitable for the redesign of every surface, including 3D. 
    Excellent resistance to scratches, dirt and abrasion are ideal for benches, escalators, elevators, shelves and high traffic areas.
    Available in over 70 finishes: metals, woods, stones, solid colors and industrial finishes. Matt finishes, in line with the most current trends.


    Get greater creative freedom for interior architectural applications with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Abrasion Resistant Architectural Finishes. These finishes feature a superior abrasive resistant surface for refurbishing or upgrading high-traffic areas, doors, counters and table tops. Suitable for both interior and exterior design, these wall finishes are available in more than 850 realistic colours, designs and textures which closely resemble natural materials. They've been specially designed for areas of heavy-duty wear and tear, and the flexible installation process makes it possible to use these finishes as furniture coverings to renovate in situ without needing to tear out old fixtures or fittings. This means that clients can stay open for longer during renovation periods, avoiding disruption or loss of income. These finishes feature 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology, which helps them form powerful bonds to a range of substrates, giving clients and installers greater design freedom. They’re easy to clean and maintain and can be quickly patch-repaired if scuffed or damaged.

    • Remodel existing interiors without needing to remove fixtures and fittings
    • Designed for use in heavy-duty wear and tear areas
    • Finishes feature realistic designs and textures to closely resemble natural materials and surfaces
    • 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology ensures quick and easy installation
    • Easy to maintain and can be quickly patch-repaired if scuffed or damaged
    • Adhesive backing bonds powerfully to a range of substrates

    Suggested Applications

    • Renovation of areas subject to wear and tear, such as doors, walls, lifts & cargo lifts, escalators, columns, handrails, desks & counters, work surfaces, automatic distributors, cash points, bar tables and chairs, restaurants and company canteens and hotel lobbies

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