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CODE: 15885 Roll width 1520 mm
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The images, colours and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the sample or the colours folder.

Price range for linear meters purchased (lm = linear meters)

between 1,00 lm and 9,99 lm
53.49 €/m² excluding VAT
between 10,00 lm and 19,99 lm
Available from 15/11/2023
51.16 €/m² excluding VAT
between 20,00 lm and 29,99 lm
Available from 15/11/2023
48.84 €/m² excluding VAT
between 30,00 lm and over*
Available from 15/11/2023
46.51 €/m² excluding VAT

* Length of the original roll = 30 m, in case of order with greater lengths, additional lengths will be sent.

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    3M™ FASARA™ are decorative films for glass made of high-quality polyester, available in over 120 exclusive and refined finishes that guarantee new and attractive transparencies of glass walls.
    New Finishes 2022: with an advanced collection, 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes allows to create a space that captures the world's beauty while maintaining a practical application. Inviting you to capture the essence of nature and harness natural light on your own terms. The new on-trend gradation and natural finishes deliver a beautiful balance between practicality and creativity by tailoring light and shadow, forming a diffusion of light, or creating privacy.


    New Collection 2022:

    • Natural Series: “Optically Organic”
      Delivering the look and feel of nature to your fingertips, the Natural Series captures the optically organic essence of the outdoors and brings it into your space.
    • Gradation Series: “Holistic Harmony”
      Our popular Gradation Series works harmoniously with its setting to maximize available light. A space where light is not only welcomed using FASARA™ Glass Finishes, but encouraged, it delivers a true holistic harmony with nature. Ensuring privacy is kept without creating a sense of closure.
    • ​They combine the satisfaction of stylistic and functional needs at the same time.
    • Tested to last a long time, they guarantee a safe investment, since they involve easy installation and maintenance.
    • The application is simple: 3M's expertise in the field of adhesives guarantees fast, accurate, beautiful and durable application on the glass.

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