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3M™ Peltor™ X Series Ear Muffs


19677 - 19678 - 19679 - 19680


The 3M Peltor X Series earmuffs are available in headband and hard hatattached versions. With Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) values ranging from 21 to 31 dB, the X Series makes it easier than ever to match the attenuation of the earmuff with the noise exposure of the worker. When correctly selected and worn these products help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise and loud sounds. The hard hat-attached models fit a wide range of industrial safety helmets including 3M H-700 Series hard hats.

3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 27 dB, Green, Headband, X1AExpected delivery in approx. 15 days20.50
excluding VAT
3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 31 dB, Yellow, Headband, X2AExpected delivery in approx. 15 days29.00
excluding VAT
3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 33 dB, Red, Headband, X3AExpected delivery in approx. 15 days32.89
excluding VAT
3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 33 dB, Hi-Viz, Headband, X4AAvailable36.67
excluding VAT

Legend of the units of measurement used

mt = Meters - lm = Linear Meter - = Squared Meters - pc = Single Piece - pack = Package - cm = Centimeters

Electrically-Insulated Headband
The metal components of the headband models have been covered by nonconductive material for use in a low voltage electrical hazard (less than 440 V ac). As there are no applicable standards for testing ear muffs against electrical insulating properties, the product has been evaluated at an external laboratory against a modified test method based on EN397:1995. During assessment, the leakage current did not exceed 1.2mA when the external surface of the product made contact with an electrical source. The user must determine the overall suitability of this product for the intended application taking into account any hazards other than noise for which this product is tested.

  • Modern, attractive low-profile design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Twin headband design for outstanding balance and comfort.
  • Electrically-insulated wire headband*
  • Soft wide cushions help maintain a comfortable pressure around the ears.
  • New innovative foam earcup inserts and spacers that help improve attenuation.
  • New ear cushion foam technology for an effective acoustic seal and reliable protection.
  • Easy-to-replace cushions and inserts help keep them clean.
  • Hard hat-attached version fits directly to many hard hats without an adapter.

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