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3M Personal Safety

3M provides solutions for work situations requiring basic personal protective equipment (PPE) through to environments that call for the most sophisticated and comprehensive protection. 3M’s industry leading PPE has long offered safety solutions designed to meet the highest industry standards of excellence. Whether the customer is a single tradesperson, medium sized business or an organisation employing thousands of workers, 3M has a workplace safety solution to meet your needs.

3M Respiratory Protection 3M Respiratory Protection
3M offers you a wide range of disposable, reusable, powered and supplied air respirators for the widest range of industrial and other applications, wi...
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3M Eye Protection 3M Eye Protection
The portfolio of 3M™ Eye Protection products promises quality eyewear that provides an optimal balance of comfort, protection and design.
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3M Head and Face Protection 3M Head and Face Protection
The 3M brand offers a complete line of safety helmets, face shields, combinations and accessories for anyone exposed to hazardous environments.
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3M Body Protection 3M Body Protection
The 3M range of protective apparel includes products from CE simple coveralls to PPE Directive Category III Coveralls, which provide protection agains...
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