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3M Body Protection

The 3M range of protective apparel includes products from CE simple coveralls to PPE Directive Category III Coveralls, which provide protection against many hazards. The range of 3M™ Protective Apparel offers a variety of features, from the use of fabrics with specialist treatments for enhanced wear and added protection, to breathable back panels for increased comfort. 
Depending on the materials and construction, protective coveralls can be designed for either hazardous applications (certified to CE Category III) or non -hazardous applications (which can be approved as CE Simple Category I ).


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3M™ Coverall, White, 4500-W

3M™ Protective Coverall 4500 is made from a soft breathable polypropylene offering the wearer excellent heat dissi...

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3M™ Protective Coverall, 4520
20% off

3M™ Protective Coverall 4520 has been engineered to offer multiple layers of SMMMS for effective hold out and stre...

from 5.19