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Brochure sets have been developed to provide multiple variations at low costs. Based on 1 or 3 pole robust aluminium body at height of 1,5 meter, any number of shelves can be fitted to make a brochure set which meets your exact needs. to make a complete product, main body and required quantities of shelves have to be arrived seperately

Brochure Set Double - pole + baseAvailable49.50
excluding VAT
Brochure Set Triple - pole + baseAvailable62.60
excluding VAT
Pockets A4 for Brochure Set Double and Triple ( pack of 5 pieces)Available22.50
excluding VAT

Legend of the units of measurement used

mt = Meters - lm = Linear Meter - = Squared Meters - pc = Single Piece - pack = Package - cm = Centimeters

Size Weight Material Packaging
Brochure Set  Double: size 33x41x h 150 cm 4,09 kg Aluminium cardboard box
Brochure Set Triple: size 37x42x h 150 cm 6,60 kg Aluminium cardboard box
Pockets Kit - size A4 0,50 kg Plastic cardboard box