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XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash


21572 - 21575 - 21577


XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash is composed of a unique formulation that encapsulates the dirt with a lubricating polymer preventing scratches or harm to the paint. Mix 1 oz with a gallon of water and you have a fast, safe and effective way to clean your car anytime, anywhere with no mess. Simply wipe on and dry off! XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash is safe to use on XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

XPEL R1329-2 Rinse Free Car Wash (59 ML)Available5.52
excluding VAT
XPEL R1329 Rinse Free Car Wash (473 ML)Available15.83
excluding VAT
XPEL R1329-128 Rinse Free Car Wash (3,78 L)Available67.01
excluding VAT

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