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Oxy Tools Storm Tank


19089 - 19090


Pressurized stainless steel tank of 9 and 18 Lt. supplied with 4mt expanded polyurethane hose and professional nozzle with nozzle dedicated to the application of adhesive materials.
Designed to be durable, durable and portable, it has a large removable lid perfect for loading the application liquid, for emptying and cleaning.
It is equipped with a quick coupling for connection to an air compressor (of any type - even 12V) and is equipped with a calibrated safety valve (8 bar). A single charge of air, at the operating pressure, will allow the sprayer to be emptied completely.
The integrated safety valve ensures that the sprinklers can not be over-pressurized. No more continuous interruptions of work to ("pump") put pressure on the manual plastic tanks, characterized by too low operating pressures, fragile plastic structures and reduced capacities.

Oxy Tools Storm Tank 9lt - Includes PU Flexible Tube 5m and professional nozzleAvailable439.00
excluding VAT
Oxy Tools Storm Tank 18lt - Includes PU Flexible Tube 5m and professional nozzleAvailable510.00
excluding VAT

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