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Right-On (5 lt)




  • faster than soap and water
  • easy to use
  • 3 minutes to position and make adjustments before adhesion starts

The perfect solution for fast and effortless application of self adhesive films without air bubbles and wrinkling. Right-On allows the film to be repositioned after initial application.

Right-On (5 lt)Available54.97
excluding VAT
Right-On (5 lt)
Pack of 2 pieces
excluding VAT

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It offers all the advantages of soap and water, but it works faster. Spray the substrate and adhesive layer of the film, apply the film and slide it effortlessly in to position. The film begins to bond after just 3 minutes and you can even start working it into channels imme-diately. Right-On Spray will not affect the adhesive layer. Suitable for use on all types of wet application film.

This product has been developed in accordance with the latest European standards and legislation, and conforms to all current environmental requirements.