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Oxy Tools Metrotac Curve




Metric system for the construction and replication of graphs through the use of cutting wires on vehicles and boats.
Made of a special inextensible material with highly removable adhesive.
Washable and reusable for many times.

Oxy Tools Metrotac CurveAvailable136.50
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Legend of the units of measurement used

m = Meters - lm = Linear Meter - = Squared Meters - pc = Single Piece - pack = Package - cm = Centimeters

More You Use It, More You Love It!

METROTAC is an innovative tool developed for the construction of graphics through the use of cutting wires and more.

Made with a specific flexible non-extensible material, it allows you to create straight or curved graphics with millimeter precision on planar and 3D surfaces.
The special glue allows METROTAC to be attached and detached endless times.
When the adhesive part is full of impurities, it is sufficient to wash it under running water to restore its initial adhesion.
Perfect for the millimeter positioning of a simple pre-spaced on the side of a van or to center a logo on a shop window.
Excellent adhesion on all smooth surfaces (paints, glass, gel coat etc.) Designed to maintain straightness even on deep curves, useful for spacing portions of film, irreplaceable for replicating perfectly mirrored decorations and for duplicating graphics on the opposite side of the vehicle, boat or other.
Fundamental for the construction of even elaborate and complex graphics that can be created with juxtapositions and overlaps of the different components, all achievable in a simple and intuitive way.

KIt Composition

  • n° 8 discs Radius 2cm
  • n° 8 discs Radius 3cm
  • n° 8 discs Radius 4cm
  • n° 6 discs Radius 5cm
  • n° 4 semi-circles Radius 10cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 20cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 30cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 40cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 50cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 60cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 70cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 80cm
  • n° 2 quarter circles Radius 100cm

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