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SPARKY is a gas torch useful for heating adhesive films, especially used where we do not have electricity and where heating speed and high temperatures are required.
The torch, characterized by excellent ergonomics, thanks to the piezoelectric ignition allows the flame to be activated immediately and safely and allows, thanks to the special valve, to regulate its intensity, therefore the calorific value.

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Legend of the units of measurement used

m = Meters - lm = Linear Meter - = Squared Meters - pc = Single Piece - pack = Package - cm = Centimeters

The on / off system, which can be managed with a simple button, ensures total safety for the user and management of the tool compatible with professional application activity.
The gases that can be used are Butane, Propane and the mixtures of these two gases enriched with Methyl Acetylene, the cylinders to be used are those with a 7/16 ”20 UNF connection (European connection). We recommend the use of disposable cylinders "KEMAP 600 ml 581" or similar.
The flame obtainable with these gas mixtures reaches temperatures between 1,500 ° C and 2,200 ° C; it is therefore clear how much a concentrated and intense heat source must be managed with attention and method to obtain correct heating and the desired result.
The North American market, in particular, uses flame heaters widely and widely, preferring these tools for applications of Gloss laminate prints and for darkening car windows, appreciating their ease of use and heating speed. The films with Gloss finishes are in fact very resistant to heat peaks and the polyester used in the darkening of car windows prefers high temperatures during the heat-forming

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