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Special Cut Thermo Transfer Films

CAD-CUT® materials are cut using a plotter-cutter, and applied to textiles using a heat press. The quality of our CAD-CUT® materials is shown through our many years of International experience both as a developer and manufacturer of textile printing films

CAD- CUT Chameleon CAD- CUT Chameleon
This thin, stretchable and iridescent heat transfer material changes colour depending on the angle from which it’s viewed.
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CAD-CUT Glitter CAD-CUT Glitter
Developed specifically for the fashion industry, with a slightly thicker sticky carrier, with special glitter effects.
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CAD- CUT Effect Up to 30% off CAD- CUT Effect
Specially designed for the fashion industry, with slightly thicker film with a sticky carrier, with special effects (gloss, glitter, hologram effects)
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CAD-CUT Felt Up to 40% off
The felt is ideal for creating vintage style designs. Our CAD-CUT Felt is a high quality felt, made from 80% wool and 20% rayon, with an adhesive back...
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