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3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Series 7930 and 7600

3M Series 7600 - 7610 White - H 1220 mm

3M Series 7600 - 7610 White - H 1220 mm

From 16.98 €
3M Series 7930 - 7930 White - H 1220 mm

3M Series 7930 - 7930 White - H 1220 mm

From 12.93 €

3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Series 7930 and 7600

3M™ Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic Sheeting Series 7930 meets the ASTM D4956 Type I standard, and is a non-metalized microprismatic reflective sheeting designed for production of retroreflective commercial signs, non-critical traffic control signs that are exposed vertically in service, as well as pressure sensitive stickers. Micro seal technology gives Series 7930 a more uniform visual appearance compared to its conventional prismatic counterparts and a whiter base color compared to beaded sheeting. Series 7930 can be readily identified by the
integral product number watermark. When applied to properly prepared sign substrates, Series 7930 sheeting provides long-term reflectivity and durability.

3M Flexible Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Series 7600. The product consists in a micro-prismatic retro-reflective sheeting made of optical prismatic lenses elements formed in a transparent synthetic resin, sealed and backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive to form a durable bond to the sign substrates. The sheeting has a smooth surface with a distinctive interlocking seal pattern and may or may not have orientation marks, visible from the face. Provides long-term reflectivity and durability with an improved optical package to increase nighttime safety. Its unique prismatic construction provides a high level of retro-reflectivity for multiple traffic control situations.

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