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Range of Technical Double-sided Adhesives for the most varied uses and fixings of any type of product

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3M VHB Tape 4910F

Unlike screws or rivets, 3M VHB Tape spreads the stress load across the entire length of the joint and will accommodate ...

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3M 9088-200 Double Coated Tape

3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200 is the ideal go-to general purpose industrial tape for a wide ran...

from 17.31
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3M 9508B Tape

9508B is a black double coated polyethylene foam tape with an acrylic adhesive. The acrylic adhes ive provides good init...

from 30.07
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3M VHB 4658F Removable Tape

3M™ Double Coated Removable Foam Tape 4658 is a clear, closed-cell, acrylic foam carrier. It is formulated for ind...

from 90.07
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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP

5 mil adhesive transfer tape with acrylic adhesive on a polycoated kraft paper liner. Excellent shear strength, temperat...

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Bannerbond Tape

BANNERBOND is recommended for bonding most of the printed and unprinted banner materials.

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3M™ UHMW PE Film Tape 5421

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film tape with an acrylic adhesive general purpose polyethylene tape that provi...

from 91.62