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Application Tools

Range of professional tools for application and finishing such as rollers, magnets, driers, pliers, scissors, cleaning cloths and everything required by professionals for decoration

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Application Glove

Seamless application glove, made of elastic material. The white material helps you to check whether the surface and/or t...

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Anti-Static Wrap Glove

An anti-static design helps prevent dust or lint collection so that your installs stay lint free.

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Yellow 5 Cutting Ruler 1m

Anti-slip cutting ruler, indispensable for advertising companies, window film installers, exhibition stand builders, pho...

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3M 09529 3M Trim Lifting Cord
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For use under rubber mouldings, this 6mm foam cord and clever applicator tool prevents hard paint edges forming.  ...

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Rivet Brush 25 mm

A rivet brush applicator to be used to conform graphics over rivets and corrugations.

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Oxy Tools Jeko Tape Rule

A 4,5m (177 Inches) Professional Patented Tape Rule specifically made for Car Wrapping, Window Film and Interior Design ...

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Oxy Tools Benda

A high temperature silicone tape capable of limiting the heating of the nozzle of the heat gun or gas torches. 

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Oxy Tools Sparky

SPARKY is a gas torch useful for heating adhesive films, especially used where we do not have electricity and where...

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