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Application Tools

Range of professional tools for application and finishing such as rollers, magnets, driers, pliers, scissors, cleaning cloths and everything required by professionals for decoration

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Oxy Tools Benda

A high temperature silicone tape capable of limiting the heating of the nozzle of the heat gun or gas torches. 

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Oxy Tools Sparky

SPARKY is a gas torch useful for heating adhesive films, especially used where we do not have electricity and where...

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Infrared Meter 400-IR022

Heat-setting the film after working it into channels and recesses is a necessity. Whether this is done with a hot air gu...

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Oxy Tools Spilly

A kit consisting of 3 "sticks" and 5 ball-point with increasing diameters, also useful for handling the wrappi...

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Weeding, Stripping & Positioning Tweezer

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This tool facilitates easy weeding of CAD-CUT® and CAD-COLOR® transfers.

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China Marker

White wax pencil, for marking on films, glass, carpaints, etc. Easily wipe your mark away with water and a cloth.

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Scissor 8"

Scissors 8" standard version for general use

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Scissor 9"

Scissors 9" standard version for general use

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Scissor 10"

Scissors 10" standard version for general use

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Scissor 12"

Scissors 12" standard version for general use

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Oxy Tools Smart Belt
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A simple, but very useful, accessory dedicated to the protection of the body through the lining of the belt buckle.

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Magnetic Wrist Strap

No more stopping in the middle of those tricky wraps or climbing up and down ladders to get the tool you need when you c...

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