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Cutters & Blades

Range of professional cutters and spare blades, available in various types according to the type of use and processing required

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NT Cutter Design Knife

This knife enables perfect curves and openings to be cut in the film without damaging the car paintwork or substrate as ...

from 12.51
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Air Release Tool & Cutter

Covered with soft rubber this deluxe combination of a knife and needle with a pen like shape has a comfortable yet sturd...

from 14.60
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3M TL Air Release

An air release tool specifically designed to release entrapped air bubbles from graphics during application.

from 9.80
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Snappy 2

Safe and ergonomic cutting tool for vinyl, paper and other materials. Includes a set of two blades.

from 8.25
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3M Snitty

3M™ Snitty is an enclosed blade cutting tool, designed specifically for cutting vinyl materials.

from 19.96
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Easy cutter

Easy blade cutting tool, designed specifically for cutting paper and vinyl materials.

from 0.95
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Snappy 3

Safer and faster than scissors for easy, clean, straight cuts. Great for cutting vinyl, paper and other materials.

from 6.50