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Liquids and Removal Tools for Cleaning

Liquids and Tools for Cleaning, Preparation and Removal for Application Surfaces

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Oxy Tools Storm Tank

Pressurized stainless steel tank of 9 and 18 Lt. supplied with 4mt expanded polyurethane hose and professional nozz...

from 410.00
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Pressure SPRAYBOTTLE (1,25 lt)

High quality pressure sprayer with 1250ml contence, for the moisturizing of surfaces and film. Not to be used for agress...

from 29.81
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Film On (0,95 lt)

Film-On is the window tinter’s friend. It has unique properties not found in any other window film application liq...

from 26.53
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Glass Cleaner (5 lt)

for optimal cleaning and degreasing of glass to prepare it for the mounting of tinting film

from 37.89
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Right-On (5 lt)

The perfect solution for fast and effortless application of self adhesive films without air bubbles and wrinkling. Right...

from 47.99
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RETRO Scraper

RETRO retractable razor scraper gives you leverage for those tough scraping jobs.

from 13.75
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Wide scraper with a very thin but robust scraper blade. Includes safety cover. A rubber wiper is fitted to the cover. Th...

from 19.39
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RAZOR Scraper

Removing adhesive residue and stubborn dirt can be quite a problem. Scouring, knives and metal scrapers can leave scratc...

from 4.78
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3M Scotch-Brite White Pad 350

The product is a thick white delicate surface cleaning hand pad, made of high quality synthetic fiber forming ...

from 1.76
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Car Wrap Cleaning Sponge

This special white sponge, in combination with our Car Wrap Cleaner 600-CC44 cleaning spray is the perfect solution for ...

from 5.25