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Oxy Tools

Range of revolutionary Tools and Accessories to apply and process vinyl and polyester film for; Car & Boat Wrapping, Interior Design, Window Films,  Window Tinting and Paint Protection.

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Oxy Tools Box

TOOLS BOX allows you to always have the equipment ordered, available at the beginning of the day and to be stored at the...

from 418.40
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Oxy Tools Jeko Tape Rule 4,5m

A 4.5m Professional Patented Tape Rule specifically made for Car Wrapping, Window Film and Interior Design professionals...

from 57.00
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Oxy Tools Smart Belt

A simple, but very useful, accessory dedicated to the protection of the body through the lining of the belt buckle.

from 15.50
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Oxy Tools Benda

A high temperature silicone tape capable of limiting the heating of the nozzle of the heat gun or gas torches. 

from 11.50
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Oxy Tools Storm Tank

Pressurized stainless steel tank of 9 and 18 Lt. supplied with 4mt expanded polyurethane hose and professional nozz...

from 410.00
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Oxy Tools Spilly

A kit consisting of 3 "sticks" and 5 ball-point with increasing diameters, also useful for handling the wrappi...

from 15.50
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Oxy Tools Tank Wrapping Ramps

Made of a plastic polymer, these ramps has a 17° ramp angle and will lift your vehicle 6.5″ off the ground. ...

from 153.00